The production of coffee is truly an art and like any form of art it demands sensitivity and constant attention. This is exactly the way we approach the production of our coffee.

The technology involved in the production of natural roasted coffee is complex and involves many stages.

It involves a combination of different hi-tech operations requiring specialized knowledge and equipment. Our plant is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment in Europe which allows for the elimination of manual labor at all stages of the production process from loading raw material to the packaging of the finished products. The level of automation of the production process is 98 %.

The highly-qualified specialists working at our plant received their training at the facilities of the world's leading coffee producers. International quality managment system ISO 9001 and alimentary products safety managment system ISO 22000 are implementing at the company. All this guarantees consistency in our product quality.

We receive great satisfaction from our work. We hope you enjoy the results!