It so happens that this'd like freshly ground coffee, but there are no place to cook it, and the kettle at hand.
For such a cases, we thought up with «Espresso», coffee similar of which do not. Elite varieties of Arabica coffee from South America, Africa and Indonesia, Italian roast coffee give «Espresso» unigue aroma and rich strong full flavor. And to keep this taste and aroma, the coffee grounds are put in a soluble micro-granules. That is why «Espresso» has the taste, aroma of freshly ground coffee and instant ease of preparation. Now, to try authentic espresso the coffee machine is not need. «Espresso» is enough pour boiling water - and in seconds you'll get a great cup of coffee with a rich flavor and unique aroma.

Natural instant coffee powder with the addition of roasted coffee natural ground "Espresso"

Natural instant coffee powder with the addition of ground “ESPRESSO” packaged in glass jars for 95 grams.

Roasted coffee

Roasted coffee “ESPRESSO” comes in packages with a valve:

  • in beans 250, 500-gram;
  • in ground 250-gram.

Espresso capsules

Coffee capsules are packed in boxes with 10 capsules. "Collection" set contains three boxes of each kind.