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Coffee beans handpicked on the slopes of Colombian mountains and special delicate roasting degree – this is how an invigorating coffee of rich taste and flavor is being born. Early in the morning or in the middle of the day, whether traveling or at home, prepare “Arabica” and the time will slow down so that you could enjoy the moment and a cup of your favorite drink.

Grounded, in beans or instant – any “Arabica” you choose will be exceptionally good.

We make "Arabica":
in beans 1000g500g250g100g
grounded 250g100g
freeze-dried  in packages 230g190g150g95g75g  in glass jars 95g
сapsules 250g50g
“Colombo” will appeal to those who appreciate coffee with a complex, slightly astringent flavor. It is a perfectly balanced blend of Arabica varieties from South and Central America. Vienna roast reveals rich aroma in its full. It is especially nice to dream of traveling to the ends of the world over a cup of "Colombo". Feel the taste of discovery!
We make "Colombo":
in beans 500g250g100g
grounded 250g100g
freeze-dried  in packages 230g190g150g95g75g  in glass jars 95g
A new generation drink. It’s a combination of ground and freeze-dried coffee best qualities. Ultra-fine grinding of selected Arabica allows you to reveal every little thing, even the most subtle components of a bright taste and rich aroma. Tenderness and density, lightness and depth. One image and two manifestations of a drink that is unique in its own way.
We make “Arabica microground”:
freeze-dried  in packages 150g75g  in glass jars 95g
We created “Espresso” for those who love freshly ground coffee, but have no time to prepare it. Italian roast of coffee beans from South America, Africa and Indonesia makes the taste strong and the flavor - unforgettable. Particles of ground coffee are enclosed in micro-granules of instant coffee and retain their qualities for a long time. You may enjoy the taste of espresso even if you don't have a coffee machine right here with you.
We make “Espresso”:
in beans 1000g500g250g
grounded 250g
freeze-dried  in packages 95g75g  in glass jars 95g
capsules 90g30г
“Soirée” (fr.) – a guest-night. “Soiree” is a nice addition to a pleasant talk with your friends, a date or a short break in the middle of the working day. Soft taste, light noble bitterness and rich flavor ... This kind of coffee is served in cozy French coffee houses. Freeze-dried, grounded or in beans - we have created “Soirée” for every mood.
We make “Soiree”:
in beans 500g250g100g
grounded 250g100g
freeze-dried  in packages 230g190g150g95g75g  in glass jars 95g
Selected coffee beans from plantations of South America and Africa and exquisite degree of roast – that is the secret of vibrant aroma and rich taste that inspires you every day. “Mocha” – a bit of equatorial sun even if it is a cloudy day.
We make “Mocha”:
in beans 1000g500g250g
grounded 250g
freeze-dried  in packages 230g150g75g  in glass jars 95g
We have selected a special type of roast for the best Arabica variety from Ethiopia and Cameroon. That’s the way bright rich taste and unique flavor of “Good Morning” coffee was born. Just one cup of this coffee will cheer you up and inspire at the beginning of the day. Thanks to ultra-fine grind, you can brew it right in your cup! So you could have just a little more time for your sweet morning sleep
We make “Good Morning”:
grounded 180g
Попробуй настоящий кофейно-сливочный вкус!

Мягкий кремовый вкус - еще больше сливок!

Сбалансированный вкус и аромат благодаря классическому сочетанию натурального кофе, сливок и сахара!

Крепкий, насыщенный вкус - ещё больше кофе!

Кофе 3в1 выпускается в пакетиках по 16гр в упаковке по 20 пакетиков, 50 пакетиков и 100 пакетиков


This story began in 1997 as we founded “Moscow Coffee House” company and launched a roasting coffee plant.

Until 2004, our company was specializing in the production of roasted whole bean and ground coffee, when partner factories in Switzerland produced instant coffee for our own brands


We launched first full-cycle plant of instant freeze-dried, granulated and powdered coffee in Eastern Europe in 2004. That meant that high-quality instant coffee could now be produced here in Russia.

Our company soared to new heights building a coffee processing plant in Cameroon at the end of 2011.
In 2012 “Moscow Coffee House” acquired coffee plantations in Colombia and a year later became plantations owner in the south of the Dominican Republic.


Careful care of coffee trees allows us to harvest excellent coffee several times a year.

Due to our qualified experts with their wealth of experience, modern equipment and passion for work, we produce coffee with amazingly rich taste and deep flavor acknowledged by more than 50 the most prestigious international and Russian awards.

Today our company is in the five top of coffee market in Russia.


“Moscow Coffee House” in numbers


different coffee items in our product range


tones of coffee being produced monthly


sales offices throughout Russia


retail chains in cooperation


people work in our company

And millions cups of our aromatic coffee being enjoyed by people daily all around the country