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We are waiting for a new crop of coffee from our plantations

The long-awaited news is that the harvest has begun on our plantations in Colombia and the Dominican...

New packaging with a screw cap - easy-to-use coffee design for a big city.

Your favorite coffee obtained another benefit. Now you may purchase "Arabica", "Mocha...

New freeze-dried chicory with extracts of Altai Mountain plants

The new line of freeze-dried chicory with extracts of Altai Mountain plants is an abundance of vitamins,...

Welcome to The Moscow Coffee House Cafe in “Patriot” Park

Full-flavored freshly made coffee from The Moscow Coffee House is now waiting for you in the “Patrio...

Coffee from the "Moscow coffee shop on payah" - in a new package at a bargain price

It is especially pleasant to start the new year with good news. We are in a hurry to share one of th...

“Arabica" is the choice of cosmonauts!

Coffee from The Moscow Coffee House was included in the diet of the crews of the ISS.

Ground coffee "Arabica" became the winner of the national rating of the program "Natural Selection"

Due to the consistently high quality of Arabica coffee from the Moscow Coffee House, it is very popu...

Moscow Coffee Shop on Payakh has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region

On October 9, within the framework of the Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn&quo...

Governor of Moscow region granted high award to The Moscow Coffee House

On March 5, the House of Moscow Region Government witnessed The Moscow Coffee House win “Silnoye Pod...

The first branded coffee shop "The Moscow Coffee House" was opened

We are ending 2018 with great news – on December 15, our first branded coffee shop opened in the village...

The Moscow Coffee House at the anniversary exhibition – "Golden autumn"

The main event of the agro-based industries have reached 20 years old.

"Mocha" is a classic in a modern version

"Mocha" in grains and ground are perfect for a quiet morning, if possible, savor every sip...

The Moscow Coffee House has signed an investment agreement with the Government of the Moscow Region

On May 24, 2018, in St. Petersburg, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economi...

"The Moscow Coffee House" gave a great mood to the participants of "METRO EXPO 2018"

The popular METRO EXPO business exhibition is always an important event for The Moscow Coffee House....

Coffee from the "The Moscow Coffee House" for the first time in Slovakia!

"The Moscow Coffee House" is becoming an increasingly popular brand every year, arousing g...

Freeze-dried coffee "Arabica– is the record holder of the rating of the Consumer Union "Roskontrol"

Freeze-dried coffee "Arabica" from the "The Moscow Coffee House" has become the ...

"The Moscow Coffee House": 20 years of impeccable quality!

On holidays, it is customary to open a bottle of champagne. But on our birthday it is much more plea...

A pleasant addition, "Arabica" in capsules: convenient, profitable, tasty!

For your best pleasure we thought everything through to the last detail.

Good Morning coffee - make it right in the cup!

Is your morning always good because you start it with Good Morning coffee from The Moscow Coffee Hou...

Your favorite coffee "Arabica" is transformed. Now also ground in instant!

Ground coffee in instant gives a rare opportunity to appreciate the splendor of ground coffee withou...

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