Поделитесь своей любовью к кофе

 —  — Coffee from the "The Moscow Coffee House" for the first time in Slovakia!

Coffee from the "The Moscow Coffee House" for the first time in Slovakia!

"The Moscow Coffee House" is becoming an increasingly popular brand every year, arousing great interest not only in Russia. Recently, a request for our products came from the capital of Slovakia. Russian Russian-Slovak Basic School founder, Josef Bacha wrote to us that he plans to open a discussion club named after one of the most famous Russian tsars, Peter the Great, and the famous Slovak writer Ludovit Shtur. He would like to hold meetings of the club members over Russian coffee and tea.Yozef.jpgWe found an opportunity to send product samples to Bratislava. The staff of the school highly appreciated the quality of coffee from the "Moscow coffee shop on Payah", and we were invited to visit. During the meeting, Josef told us in detail about all the stages of the school's creation, about the difficulties that had to be overcome, and about his immediate plans. He placed special emphasis on the help of friends - without their active participation, the school would not have opened. Today, it gives each child a unique opportunity to simultaneously study in Russian and Slovak.

The educational institution works together with the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Bratislava with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Slovak Republic.

We believe that The Moscow Coffee House will become another reliable friend for the Russian-Slovak primary school, so far the only one of its kind. We wish the Josef Bacha project great achievements and prosperity. We sincerely hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.
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